Whether sometimes during watching a movie or maybe just in real life, you might have come across some people wearing high ankle and tough looking boots that won’t just make them look very much like a cowboy but also be a weatherproof accessory that keeps them going through without any trouble of water logging, rain or snow. These are actually hunter boots and they are popular around the world for their sturdiness and toughness.

The name hunter boots actually came to them because they were used by the hunters back in the Victorian times and even today, in order to give the hunters a tough and intense look; it is these boots that are used. Since they were very durable and could last for you irrespective of the terrain and kinds of weather you come across, these boots were highly preferred by cow herders, field owners and of course, the hunters. However, nowadays they are even used by a high town Londoner as it is not just very fashionable but also something that lasts them the winters and the regular rains. They are in a way one of the most popular casual shoes among the people. Check some best hunter boots in the market along with their detailed reviews.

Hunter Women’s Original Tall Wellington Boots Reviews

Hunter Men's Original Tall Welly BootNeedless to say, women would prefer the hunter boots that is especially mean to cats their needs and looks a bit more feminine that the usual hunter boots that are worn by men. These hunter boots from the house of Hunter are a super chic piece especially meant to be worn by the ladies out there. The height of these shoes is about the length of calves and it is an ideal buy for anyone who needs to commute in the rains since they won’t just keep your feet and legs from getting drenched in water but also prevent the numerous viruses that might infect you otherwise.

Available in suede black color, this one is one of the best-rated boots you will come across and with a stylish silver buckle on the top; it looks quite smart to carry around with any formal attire or even the casual one. Since black is one color that goes well with any other color that you wear, this is the best buy in this range. Moreover, the brand is something that you can rely on. They are made out of rubber and are very comfortable to carry around.

Women’s Hunter Original Tall Gloss Waterproof Wellington Winter Rain Boot

Womens Hunter Original Tall Gloss Hunter BootAnother smart looking shoe from the makers of Hunter, this one is a purple colored boot that has been given the name ‘Urchin’ own to its hard and sturdy make. These are the perfect rain boots that any women who want to look casual and stylish even in the most unarguable weather can go for. The color is rather smart and the rubber used in designing these is the glossy one with plenty of light to its surface. These shoes are ideal for wearing around in daily use too.

The length reaches the calves and the upper lining is strictly made of rubber to keep the water from reaching the skin. The inside lining has been made from neoprene and is about 4 millimeters thick. The shiny gloss finish makes it a rather good buy for both parties as well as casual wear. Available in numerous sizes, you can go for the one that fits you and flaunt it around when everybody else around you wears the boring black shoes due to the rains. It can be perfect footwear for taking the streets in the autumn and rainy months.

Hunter Kids Junior Black Rubber Wellingtons Boots Reviews

Hunter Kids Junior Wellingtons BootsWhen both men and women can go for some quirky and smart fashion trends, why can the young ones not have the same taste? Keeping in mind how playful and utterly demanding a child can be, these shoes are specially designed for the kids from the brand name of Hunter and can be used to keep your kids protected while they splash around in the rain water to go busy making their favorite snowman. Reaching a bit below the knees, these shoes are the best bit for your kids if your child does not want to miss out on the adventure that comes along with the drizzle and rain.

The make is quite fine with rubber covering the upper layers to prevent water from contacting the skin and the lower one being woven nylon to keep your child’s soft feels protected and comfortable. They come in cute colors for both girls and boys and to add to it, they even cover the warranty period of thirty days. There is an additional rubber stamp for adjusting the fitting of the boots and your child can be assured of being safe as well as comfortable in these smart pieces from Hunter.

Women’s Hunter Original Tall Wellington Waterproof Winter Snow Rain Boots

Womens Hunter Wellington Winter Snow Rain BootsIn case you are one of those people who like their shoes free from any shiny glossy touching, these shoes from Hunter are just for you. As the name itself suggests, these hunter boots are not just very protective, active and smart looking but also very sturdy and hard to keep you protected in winters and rain. The upper make of these boots is a fine quality rubber which is kept matte and not glossy for the ladies who like it simple. The sole of these boots has been paid special attention and kept strong enough to make these durable.

The inner lining of the boots is neoprene to keep your feet feeling soft and comfortable inside. Rated as one of the most popular and most loved boots among the ladies, this is a pair of dependable boots for every time you go out in the open. Just make sure you take the streets in utmost fashion and don’t let the snowy or rainy weather bring down your panache. Buy these sturdy and long lasting pair of boots and don’t miss out on all the rain time fun!

Hunter Unisex Original Boots Review

Hunter Unisex Original BootsA unisex product from the house of Hunter, these boots is the good to go option for both men and women. These shoes are chic, classy and very long lasting as well. The best part about these hunter boots from the Hunter Ltd is that they can be worn by both men as well as women. There are plenty of cool options, some for the ladies and some for the men to choose from. You can also share a common option by going for a neutral shade of these boots so that you can share it with anyone.

The exterior of these shoes is made out of rubber which is only going to wear out after a constant usage and no other way. The sole is of synthetic rubber again and keeps you from any feet ache that might come due to constant walking or trekking. To add to their style, there is also a slight platform of about 0.25 inches which is negligible. Inside, there is a soft and comfortable nylon lining to keep you good to go and rather comfortable in your smart pair of shoes from the house of Hunter.

Uses of Hunter Boots

The uses of hunter boots are many and needless to say, they are preferable for the toughest of the jobs. Just like every profession brings with itself a garment, for instance, a doctor carries a white coat and a policeman wears a uniform, likewise, these hunter boots were once an essential dress code of the hunters. They were basically used by them when they went hunting into uneven and unpredictable terrains where the weather could be punishing and quite harsh. These shoes kept them going despite the hurdles.

Today, however, there are various uses these hunter boots and they are not just limited to the hunters. These hunter boots are used by common people to get through in the rainy season when the unpredictable rains can possibly clog inside their shoes and ruin their socks. The boots, being sturdy and a bit high, prevent the waters from getting in. So irrespective of whether a person is a writer or a doctor, these shoes are saviors.

The policemen often wear these when working out in the field. They are used by people for planting or walking through crop fields as well, in order to keep their feet protected and safe. Thus, the uses of these hunter boots are beyond just the hunters in the present day. They are used in everything, from trekking to long walks.

Benefits of Hunter Boots

  1. They keep your feet protected throughout by acting as a shield between everything that comes across as you walk.
  2. They are high, which means you can easily wear them in rains and winters to guard your legs against cold and rains.
  3. Being very much popular, you can find these in numerous colors, suitable for both men well as women.
  4. Hunter boots are quite durable and you need not worry about them breaking or getting useless anytime soon.

Cons of Hunter Boots

  1. They are usually made out of rubbers and it gives them a rather shiny look which is not suited to a lot of people.
  2. They often end up attracting a lot of dirt and mud when walking around and you might have a tough time cleaning them.
  3. With short hunter boots, the problem is that they might feel a bit clingy to the feed and during summers, they get rather sticky 9due to the rubber make).

Top hunter boot brands

Some of the top brands of hunter boots are as following:

  1. J Crew: At J Crew you can find a numerous variety of hunter boots to shop from and they come at quite reasonable rates as well. There are numerous colors to choose from and what more, you even have the huntress boots that are good to go for the ladies you like these shoes.
  2. Hunter Boots: There are brand names Hunter boots that specialize in making these boots and they have a retail store all around in the UK (even available online). They make all types of hunter boots, the glossy as well as the non-glossy ones and come at a price fit for their durability.
  3. Nordstrom: Nordstrom is another brand to shop for some exceptional and hunky looking hunter boots. They have a whole wide range of rain boots, hunter boots and the wintry boots that are worn to keep the feet warm.

These hunter boots come handy even at the stores that sell shoes around you. For instance, Woodland is another brand that has been dealing with the making and selling of these boots for quite a while now.

How to Clean Hunter Boots?

Hunter boots are a rather strong and rough pair of shoes that barely need taking any care of but since you will be wearing it in the harshest and complicated kind of weather, it is advisable to keep your boots clean and smart looking for a long lasting result. A number of precautions you take with your things are directly proportional to the time they might last for. Same goes for your bellies. Here are some of the ways you can adapt to keep your bellies clean:

  1. If you are a rather rough user who often goes to the paddy field and muddy places, you ought to care for your boots on a regular basis. Once you are back, you ought to wash the mud off your shoes and hang them for drying.
  2. If you usually use your shoes for protection against the rains in rainy months, you ought to simply wash them and sometimes clean their soles with a shoe cleaning brush. If it is not particularly rainy and you still wear, you ought to apply some shoe cleaning gel or spray to them for a newer and fresher look.
  3. Once the season of this boot is gone, you ought to give them one final cleaning and dip them in the disinfectant once before finally placing them off for another season. It is to be noted that they should not be packed when wet since fungus might accumulate on the surface.
  4. If water accidentally enters inside your hunter boots in a rare scenario, you ought to clean it inside out and dry the insides before finally wearing them again. Moreover, you can also use the dryer if the need is in order to dry the insides.
  5. Luke warm and soapy water shall be used for the cleaning of these hunter boots. Use of any solvents shall be avoided since these are made out of all natural materials. Additionally, you ought to avoid the buckles from accumulating rust if your boots have them. If they have zippers, you also ought to keep them free from getting dirty.

How to Wear Hunter Boots?

Wearing hunter boots is a rather simple thing and there are no procedures involved in this process. Just as one would put on a normal boot, one can wear these too. Only there are certain precautions that need to be taken care of. For instance, if your boots do not have an inner nylon lining, you ought to just wear socks in order to avoid latex allergy issues. Another important thing to remember with the hunter boots is that your feet shall always be dry before you put these on. Dry feels are must before putting on any kind of shoes, irrespective of whether they are hunter boots or not. The most important aspect of these hunter boots is their durability and in order to keep hem durable, avoid exposing them to excessive heat at any time.

How to Buckle Hunter Boots?

Hunter boots nowadays come in various designs, patterns, colors and styles. While some of these have zippers, others tend to have buckles. These are quite easy to wear but it is important to buckle them right. The buckles are to be kept just at a level of comfort since buckling them tight might cause blood getting jammed and you experiencing trouble while walking. Tie them in such a way that it is just perfectly comfortable for you to walk around and it neither comes off nor clings to your legs. So buckling is a rather important procedure.

What to Wear with Hunter Boots?

Hunter boots are a rather stylish accessory and in order to keep them all the same stylish and god looking, you ought to wear something equally cool with them. While some people style them with just a pair of stocking tights that keeps them on the place, others tend to go for a much more carefree way and wear just a pair of socks inside to keep themselves for getting in contact with the latex.

In winters, you can style these with the smart looking winter boots that cover your feet all the way to your calves and protect you from the winter chill as well as keep you looking stylish. The color shall be picked in such a way that it keeps your hunter boots looking all the same stylish. If your boots have a lining of nylon above the rubber on the insides, you can go for them just with ankle length socks as well since the major concern is to keep you comfortable. Wearing them without socks is also fine if those boots have a lining that reaches all the way to the soles and does not expose your feet to the latex.

Where is Hunter Boot made of?

Hunter boots are a league of their own and ever since the times of Queen Victoria, they have been a symbol of trend and style. People love to carry and flaunt these beauties even today. Back in those days these were hand stitched by the cobblers and made stiff and sturdy by putting in hours of work. Nowadays they are manufactured by almost every other popular shoe brand. Since the make is entirely of latex and rubber is the primary material required, they come around as an easy to make the pair of shoes.

However, the home of hunter boots can be said to be Britain and that is why they are very often referred to as ‘Wellies’ or ‘Wellington boots’ as well. They were used widely in England and other neighboring areas by kings and other high-class men back in time. However, now they are used by people all across the globe but England and the UK still have the maximum number of people who opt for these hunger bellies. It has ever since been a part of their culture and a symbol of their amazing taste when it comes to the shoes.


Hunter boots are the go-to option if you are looking for something that is fashionable yet very long lasting. They are like those fruits which neither cost you a fortune nor also make you healthy. These shoes are a protection against numerous things and they can keep you going even in the harshest weather conditions. Overall, these boots are a good buy for anyone who works majorly outside or needs to be on the streets despite the rains and snow.

They are study, hard and also very smart looking. Available for both men as well as women, these boots can be said to be a savior for anyone who would be otherwise be missing out on a lot of things true to regular rains and hail. People in the rainy areas are widely dependent on these hunter boots for even the shortest distances they need to walk. They are ideal for trekking, hunting, walking and regular commuting as well. These hunter boots are an ideal buy and you ought to go for these since they will be your ultimate pair of footwear for all rough seasons and they will last long as well.